Jonah Smith

Jonah Smith live at Baz Bar from March 2 to 14, 2015. Featuring Jonah Smith (guitar, vocals), Jon Cornell (bass), Jonathan Sosin (guitar) and Georges Sluppick (drums).

Lipbone Redding

Live from Feb 16 to 28, 2015. Every day but Sunday starting at 9pm. Featuring Lipbone Redding (vocals, guitar), Claudio Rochat Felix (drums), Michael Clairmont (bass).

Tabitha Fair

Live at the Baz Bar from Feb 3 to Feb 15, 2014. Featuring Tabitha Fair (vocals), Ann Klein (guitar & vocals), Bette Sussman (keys & vocals) and Richard Mercurio (drums & MD).


Aabaraki live at the Baz Bar St Barth from December 2 to 14, 2013. Featuring Aamir Lee Bermiss (Vocals & Keys), Ari Cohen (Bass), Luke Notary (drums) and Brian Forbes (guitar).

Rachel Allyn

Live at Baz Bar St Barth from October 21 to November 2, 2013. Featuring Rachel Allyn (guitar, vocals), Alan Bowers (drums) and Warren Hibbert (bass). Everyday but Sunday from 8:30 pm.